Thursday, 26 April 2012

Printers' Pie; part 2: Tie Up & In the Galley

Last Autumn, a neighbour gifted us a few buckets of printers' pie which had been abandoned in a store room. Dan Sr. of Glasgow Press, a time served hand compositor, set about the task. He has been very industrious over the winter months - even foregoing his Christmas jigsaws in favour of sorting type of lead and wood.
The sorting is ongoing and these pictures show a font being tied up before being stored in a galley. When all the buckets of pie have been sorted, Dan Sr. will distribute each font into a case.
In a caseroom, jobs which were likely to be repeated would be stored in the galleys in this way. The tying is a delicate task, which takes a steady hand and a fair bit of practice..

Monday, 23 April 2012

C & D Wedding Stationery

This is an exceptionally nice wedding stationery collection, designed by Groom, Derek MacLeod, who kindly supplied photographs for our feature.
The stock is Colorplan 540gsm; a duplex of ebony and pristine white.
On the reverse, we applied a matt white foil and the pristine white face is letterpress printed in black ink.
We are happy to supply finishing, or pass the printed sheets back to our customers if they want to add their own embellishments. In this case, the couple collated their Order of Service sheets together and fastened with a smart black & white tie.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Keep your event at the forefront of everyone's mind with a fine invitation, letterpress printed on high quality board. We printed this A5 single card in one colour ink on a Colorplan duplex 540gsm (from GF Smith). Designer Sarah Tripp created the artwork for a book launch at Transmission Gallery. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Quiet Studio

 We recently had the pleasure of working with Quiet Studio in producing their very elegant business cards. Thank you to designer Richard Parkin who writes the following:

Quiet Studio is a creative design consultancy who specialise in brand development and print design.
We're extremely pleased with our new business cards from the good people at Glasgow Press. The cards are letterpress printed on GF Smith Colorplan duplex - two sheets of 270gsm pressed together to make a solid 540gsm. On the 'Ebony' side, our logo is applied in a glossy black foil and the 'Pristine White' reverse has contact info printed in a silver foil.

The cards manage to achieve just what we were looking for. Initially they appear quiet, subtle, elegant and unobtrusive, the black and silver foils barely noticeable against the card background. However, as light catches them they stand out and create a strong impact. The method of letterpress printing also creates an embossed impression which gives the cards a nice tactile feel.

We can't thank Glasgow Press enough for doing such a fantastic job. They've been incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and they pay special attention to detail and finished quality. In particular, we've been most impressed by how consistently crisp and sharp the silver foil has been applied to extremely small, light type. Great work!

Friday, 6 April 2012

From Glasgow in Gloom to Glasgow in Bloom

Tiny hooligans wrecked our little garden. Initially we blamed the Printer's Devil, but turned out it wasn't him. (Left him out a foil pie with an inky filling to make up for it).
The re-plant has been done now and the flowers back in place, although a bit battered. The freezing North Wind this week didn't help but they're still alive with more planting planned over the weekend. Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bespoke Atelier

Printing on a plump, soft board at 700gsm weight is very satisfying. The ink sinks deeply into the fibrous paper and the lines and lettering are beautifully defined.

Designer Louise Duffy writes about the identity she created for the very exciting studio, Bespoke Atelier
Bespoke Atelier is a textile design consultancy and screen printing studio based in Glasgow.
The graphic represents the action of textile printing and uses the typeface Lodgecode. The business cards were letterpress printed in bronze ink on Colorplan 700gsm Pale Grey.