Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Gents

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." O'Shaughnessy
A dream business card for musicians, The Gents Band, of Colorplan duplex 540gsm. The ebony board has a textured buckram emboss to which the stylish white foil is applied. Quite a challenge to achieve full, strong coverage of the combination of narrow and bold lettering but our careful determination brings success. The white side is a more straightforward letterpress printed ink. Nevertheless, great care and attention are given to producing a crisp, black impression.
Craig Skene gives us an insight into the band's ethos and professional aims:
The Gents Band was birthed out of the desire to take what is normally a fairly lazy, unprofessional and uninspired market, and turn it into something with genuine quality. Something we can take pride in. Our three point plan was to:
 1. Build a brand with the highest possible standards.
2. Treat our customers like royalty.
3. Pay our musicians fairly and treat them with respect.

Along with our designer, Andrew Parkes at Finch Creative Design set out to reflect our approach through a clean, credible, timeless design. The logo is instantly recognisable and looks great on our pop-up stands (see photo).

When we started to make plans for our business cards, we immediately set our sights on Glasgow Press. The look of the letterpressed fonts punched into heavy board gave the impact we were after. I LOVE passing my card to a potential bride/groom or a corporate event organiser. They always give it a second glance and a wee feel! Everyone should have a business card that people like touching!

As a small but growing business, our cards have been a really significant component of our overall tone of voice and they convey exactly the qualities that we'd hoped.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Request the Pleasure

A simply beautiful invitation card in classic style. Letterpress printed in forest green ink to Colorplan, Natural at 700gsm weight.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cyan Magenta Lemon Black

Cyan Magenta Lemon Black
David Bellingham, 2012
The chance discovery of a set of printers proofs, from a Duckworth and Co.
Essences Ltd calendar of 1912, in Rare and Racy second hand bookshop in Sheffield,
provided the source images for the print Cyan Magenta Lemon Black. As a lemon ripens
it changes colour from green to yellow, here the standard coloured inks of the four
colour printing process echo this transit. Layers of ink - cyan magenta yellow black,
are equated with the layers of a lemon - rind pith pulp juice. Yellow becomes lemon,
juice becomes ink.
The print comes in a standard signed and numbered edition of 30 copies (33.8 x40.5cm) and as a folded concertina in a signed and numbered edition of 100.
It was printed in four colour letterpress by Glasgow Press
Both the print and the concertina are available to purchase from the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
Title - Cyan Magenta Lemon Black
Artist - David Bellingham
Print - four colour letterpress
printed by - Glasgow Press
published by - The Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh