Friday, 27 September 2013

Paper Logs; Fire Up the Recycling

As printers, we have a lot of waste paper. Bins stand by our guillotine, full of offcuts and trimmings.
We donate the larger sheets and dinky little squares of card to our local primary schools where they are transformed into everything from flash cards to Christmas decorations.
Trimmings and useless shaped stuff goes to a paper recycling centre.
However, Old Dan, whose motto is "use it up, wear it out, make do or do without", came up with a plan to keep us cosy this coming winter.
Now our Colorplan offcuts are soaking in a big bin of water till they are suitably soggy - kind of stinky actually, so we keep the lid firmly shut.
 We purchased a paper compressor and use it to form paper bricks in the mould.
 We stack them to dry - which was wonderful during the sunny Scottish summer we just enjoyed.
And we are storing them to burn in roaring wintertime fires. Look out for a invitation to share in our papery bonfire at the new year!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Creator of Tobyboo, Tina Crawford's illustrations are completely free machine embroidered, with no markings or drawing beforehand. Every one is completely unique and can’t be repeated, drawn with the needle just as you would a pencil. The fluidity of threads is captured onto tableware, cushions, stationery and textiles, and every part of Tobyboo manufacturing is 100% done in Great Britain. 

Tobyboo's business cards feature Tina's delightful illustrations, letterpress printed in lilac ink on Colorplan 540gsm of Pale Grey.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Love Hate Tattoo

Amazing business card for tattoo artist and crazy cat lady, Flo Nuttall at LoveHateTattoo.
It was a joy to work with talented designer, Chris Baldie of Papertank who created this startling mediaeval image of martyrdom which we foiled in gloss black with lettering in gold on Colorplan Dark Grey 540gsm.
This is a business card to keep in your wallet and peer at from time to time in wonder.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


When G2G3, a global serious games organisation based in Edinburgh, underwent a rebranding exercise, they designed new business cards, leveraging a rainbow of colours from their revised palette The focus is on quality and texture. The resulting cards are dramatic and eye-catching, using foil to bring the company logo to life.
Each name has a range of cards across 5 colourways from the Colorplan range, by GF Smith.
A gloss black foil is applied to the Ebony side of the cards.
White foil is applied to the colour face with contact details, and a clear foil highlights the company logo.