Friday, 31 August 2012


Beautiful business card designed by Rich at Hoot, who gives us a magical insight into the thinking behind the design.

"Not ridiculously large, but with a tonne of heft in the property business, Claude Goldsmith needed a classic identity created that would continue to open doors and get things done.

This is one of those occasions where less is more. They wanted a brand with a refined appearance, but at the same time it couldn't be dull. So after designing the simple wordmark we opted for some duplexed letter-pressed business cards with an austere black Colorplan stock, that's elevated to the nth degree by some sweet gold block work.
These cards are quite frankly, the nuts - even the reverse which is simply black ink on Frost White Colorplan looks absolute filth."

Monday, 20 August 2012

One Of Us

Inspired by the Blue Mosque of Tabriz, this Colorplan board from GF Smith makes a startlingly beautiful combination when bonded to the the aptly named Pristine White.
White gloss foil is applied to the Tabriz Blue face and the reverse is letterpress printed in ink, which we mixed to match the blue board.
Designer Phil Matthews is the creator of this fine business card for brand and marketing organisation, one of us.

Our thanks to specialist print photographer, Matt Pickett for stylishly capturing print and paper quality.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


gyggl is a place for kids of all ages to get creative and find an audience for their talents.
In a world of electronic media domination, this new social networking site wanted to have a traditional, well produced, high quality card which says everything about their commitment to their brand and belief in their exciting venture. From people's reactions on receiving a card, this certainly seems to have worked!
The business card was designed by Jane Ink and is printed on Colorplan by GF Smith. This stock is a fusion of Mandarin 270gsm and Pristine White 270gsm, making a substantial 540gsm weight.
Glossy white foil is applied to the Mandarin side and on the reverse, the text is letterpress printed in orange and black. It was then diecut to give rounded corners.
The photograph is by Matt Pickett, specialist print photographer, and captures the joie de vivre of the brand, the colour, the typography, the print methods!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Arthur Mani Architects

This ethereal business card represents the awe inspiring work of Arthur Mani Architects. 

Choice of material is very important and Colorplan from GF Smith is ideal for letterpress printing. This soft, fibrous board takes a deep, crisp impression and is available at 350gsm and heavier weights of 540gsm plus.

Arthur's business card is Colorplan 540gsm Pristine White and is letterpress printed in a warm grey ink on our Heidelberg platen.
Matt Pickett has captured the refined quality of the design and print in today's photograph.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Another exquisite design from Ramsay MacFarlane, this business card is created for renowned Endodontic practice, MacEndo.
A fusing of two sheets of 270gsm papers makes a substantial 540gsm weight, allowing a nice impression on both sides of the card. The stock is Colorplan from GF Smith which has a vast array of colours. The choice for this business card is Cobalt and Pristine White, with the added dimension of a Wire emboss to the Cobalt side.
The practice's brand is firmly stamped in white foil on one side and the reverse is letterpress printed in black and a cobalt ink, mixed to match the cobalt side perfectly.

Today's photograph was taken by Matt Pickett who has recently shot some of our work with great sensitivity and skill. His photographs display print to its best advantage and are so enticing - really makes you want to hold the piece in your hand. Thank you!