Monday, 28 October 2013


Bookplates, also known as ex-libris, are pasted into books to declare ownership and date back to the fifteenth century. Interest in these beautiful examples of art and print comes from bibliophiles, artists and designers, genealogists, collectors and, of course, printers. You can find out more from The Bookplate Society

We printed this bookplate for our client  in Portugal who sent us his personal design and requested letterpress printed black ink onto Zerkall 145gsm  

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Glasgow Guild

The Glasgow Guild opens from 5th October 2013. They offer a furniture restoration, upholstery and polishing service and sell quality furniture and furnishings. Using the best traditional techniques and finest materials, they create furniture that is beautiful and built to last. 

We were pleased to work with designer Jen Davies to create an invitation for the grand opening of the company. Jen tells us a bit about herself and her thinking behind the design. 

"I live a few doors down from where John and Jonathan are converting an old tenement corner shop into The Glasgow Guild - a space to showcase and sell the incredible bits of furniture that they restore. We got talking, I followed them on twitter, they clicked through to my website, saw some of the Glasgow skyline illustrations I created for Glasgow Film Festival a few years ago and asked me to design the invitations for their launch.

This sounded like fun. They wanted something based on Garnethill where the shop is based but said I could do whatever I wanted. After doodling bits of the neighbourhood it started to feel a bit much for an A6 invitation so I simplified things, and sketched what they told me the shop would look like. It all came together pretty quickly - some fairly loose ink painting, a woman and a dog to give it a bit of life and then some text and the areas to be gilded added in Illustrator. Then sent it to you for you to work your magic…!

A bit about me - I'm a designer, film marketer, doodler, jack-of-all-creative-trades based in Glasgow. I currently work for Park Circus Films creating film posters, overseeing trailers and promoting classic films as they're put back into cinemas around the world" .

The invitation is letterpress printed in black ink with monogram and a sheen of gold foil on substantial Beermat board.