Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Illustrious Royalty

In the week of the Royal Wedding, Glasgow Press is delighted to feature a remarkable portrait of their right royal highnesses, captured in stunning likeness by London illustrator, David Janes.
So, we didn't print William's wedding invitation, but this beauty - letterpress printed in two colours ink on bright white Colorplan 540gsm - more than makes up for that.
A few words from the illustrator himself . . .

Charles & Camilla laughing as they are driven through the flames...
A promotional mailer which was sent to 500 publishers, magazine and newspaper editors and various art directors.
Each card had a cocktail stick attached to the back, so if you wished you might reenact the scenes from December last year.
You may peruse and purchase some wondrous wares on the website of Mr David Janes.

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