Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Printer's Devil of Glasgow Press

Long, long ago when Dan Snr. of Glasgow Press was serving his time as an apprentice Compositor, he attended a weekly class at Glasgow's printing college in Cowcaddens.
His college scarf with the Printer's Devil emblazoned thereon, is a family heirloom - one that we still fight over in the cold winter weather.

As children, we were a bit scared of him and remember various apprentices - printer's devils themselves - frightening us half to death with tales of devils hiding amongst paper cuttings or waiting to jump out on us from ink cupboards!
Nowadays, we're more freaked by him shifting type or moving paper from where we just put it down.

The Printer's Devil is part of our heritage. His contribution has kept our levels of quality printing, service and efficiency super keen, so we've decided to give him a well deserved place as our emblem.
He'll be loving this extra notoriety. Watch your back!

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