Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cyan Magenta Lemon Black

Cyan Magenta Lemon Black
David Bellingham, 2012
The chance discovery of a set of printers proofs, from a Duckworth and Co.
Essences Ltd calendar of 1912, in Rare and Racy second hand bookshop in Sheffield,
provided the source images for the print Cyan Magenta Lemon Black. As a lemon ripens
it changes colour from green to yellow, here the standard coloured inks of the four
colour printing process echo this transit. Layers of ink - cyan magenta yellow black,
are equated with the layers of a lemon - rind pith pulp juice. Yellow becomes lemon,
juice becomes ink.
The print comes in a standard signed and numbered edition of 30 copies (33.8 x40.5cm) and as a folded concertina in a signed and numbered edition of 100.
It was printed in four colour letterpress by Glasgow Press
Both the print and the concertina are available to purchase from the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
Title - Cyan Magenta Lemon Black
Artist - David Bellingham
Print - four colour letterpress
printed by - Glasgow Press
published by - The Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

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