Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Donostia is a Basque Tapas Restaurant in Central London. Inspired by the town of Donostia in Northern Spain, you can enjoy wonderful gourmet food in a delightful setting. Donostia staff kindly tell us they chose Glasgow Press to print their fine business cards, so the quality would match the high standards of food and drink they offer.
This is an interesting combination of letterpress print and hotfoiling on tasty GF Smith Colorplan. The stock chosen is a duplex 540gsm of Ebony and Bright White. A buckram emboss is applied to the bright white side to add a fine texture. The cards are a mixture of print processes and include: white foil of restaurant logo and contact details to the ebony side and letterpress printed black ink of restaurant logo and address details to the white sides. A third permutation sees gold foil applied to both ebony and bright white sides of both logo and contacts. Very pleasing combinations which we were more than happy to accommodate.

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