Thursday, 6 June 2013

Traditional Characters with a Twist

James McNaught, black ink onto Colorplan Triplex 810gsm (three sheets of 270gsm board, bonded together) of White Frost / Ebony / White Frost. 

A graphic designer is James McNaught 
As a student at uni, he's learned quite a lot.
His business cards were printed by us
Colorplan Triplex was his stuff.


                  Black ink, White Frost, front and back
A wordsearch puzzle for you to attack.
If you think his work is up to scratch,
With your job he might just match.

When it's business cards you're after, we're right here
We'll do a cracking job, we'll get you in gear.

James, a self-described traditional character with a twist, sought to create a personal identity that expresses his interests (typography, print and considered design), without detracting viewers from what's important: the work. Here at Glasgow Press we think he's done a smashing job, and we were happy to help him achieve that ambition.

We like James's philosophy. When the work is important to you, we'll ensure the finish is exquisite.


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