Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our Guests Today . . . Syd Sharp & Jim Currie

We welcome a couple of illustrious guests to our printroom today, Mr Syd Sharp and Mr Jim Currie. Syd and Jim started their printing careers in the early 1960s when the city of Glasgow had a thriving print trade and letterpress was king.

Serving their time as apprentices in Aird & Coghill and The Glasgow Numerical respectively, they worked for many of the mighty traditional printing companies, the majority of which have now sadly gone.

Syd and Jim also lectured for many years at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing where they passed on their boundless knowledge of letterpress and hand book-binding to another couple of generations of printers.

We hear some great tales today, from the Music Engraver who insisted his was the only job that would always be safe in the advancing world of print technology to the wild wayzgoose outings on a ferry down the River Clyde. Hope to share more of these stories at a later date.

Thanks again for stopping by Gents, for your teaching, your advice, and your tales - see you again soon.
p.s. they thought our stuff was great!

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