Friday, 16 July 2010

The Turn Of A Page . . . Nothing Beats It!

Soft paper or crisp, leather, ink, curious endpapers, notes in margins, all these and more make books delightful! In the week Dr Bill Bell, of the University of Edinburgh, warned that books may not survive in the electronic age, Glasgow Press is pleased to report active promotion of the book, from printing and binding to lending (even to Adrian) and pledging always to read a book on the subway home.

Today, we welcome twins, Calum & Beth, to our printshop where they engage in a spot of bookbinding; sewing sigs, guillotining and foil blocking on the hand platen. They have promised to write and illustrate stories in their books, which we have promised to read.

As a special treat at the end of their day as print devils, we shut them in the ink cupboard for half an hour in the dark where the real Printer's Devil lives. heh! All part of the author's experience.

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