Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Editions Financial

We were pleased to produce very fine business cards for Editions Financial.
Art Director, Oisin O'Malley has kindly written the following design rationale.
"After 15 years in business, Editions Financial wanted to emphasise their financial credentials as a content agency. The creative challenge was to design a logo which combines financial specialism and insight while also being approachable.
So we came up with a solution which marries both sides of the brain using a handwritten font for 'Editions' which emphasises our bespoke aspect to creative solutions.
We combined that with a substantial sans serif for 'Financial' to instill confidence and trust.
With regard to colour, we wanted to create cut-through but restrained enough for our client base.
And finally, we wanted our business cards to speak volumes about our creativity and attention to detail, so we chose letterpress with duplexing."

The business card stock is Colorplan 540gsm; a duplex of Tabriz Blue & Pristine White. We applied white foil to the blue side and letterpress printed black ink and an ink mix to match the tabriz blue on the white side.

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