Thursday, 15 November 2012

Light Blue Storm

 Many thanks to Storm Creative for an insight into the design thinking behind this amazing business card.

"We designed these business cards as part of a total re-brand for our client, Light Blue. We wanted to better reflect Light Blue’s service, which is to provide simple investment advice for high-net-worth individuals with complex lives. The business cards needed to fit in seamlessly with the lifestyle of a typical Light Blue client. As the business cards are their main sales tool and the only piece of collateral the client receives, they must act as a constant reminder of the quality and simplicity of Light Blue’s service. Therefore, we chose a thick, triplexed card from a high quality stock, letterpressed with hot foils and premium inks for a very tactile finish. The middle light blue layer is a subtle nod to the company name and brand."

As they say, the business card can be the "main sales tool" of a company. At Glasgow Press, we recognise this and will give full care and attention to maintain the highest standards of quality in print production. The cards are letterpress printed and hotfoiled on our Heidelberg platens on GF Smith's Colorplan triplex stock 1050gsm, Dark grey / Turquoise / White Frost.


Storm Creative Media said...

Thank you for the compliment! People never seem to understand how hard it is to design something with a simple design. They just see less graphics/text and think that it means less work, whereas it actually takes even more work, as you need to fit in everything that's important without cluttering the design.

Unfortunately the pictures don't convey the multi-layered thickness of the cards - which gives them a real sense of weighty importance as soon as you're given one - or the luxurious texture of the stock that lets you know that they mean business.

Also, the boxes that the business cards came in were worth the cost alone!

Thank you for making our idea come to life so well in print.

The team at Storm Creative Media

Anonymous said...

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